Improving Workplace Opportunity for Those with Disabilities

by Linzi Meadows MNC Director and Clinical Specialist in Neurological Physiotherapy.

I was honoured to attend the launch of MidlandsAbility at the KPMG building in Birmingham.

I was invited by Richard Day, who has been one of the key driving forces in bringing this group together. Richard attends MNC for specialist neurological physiotherapy.

‘The business case for attracting, recruiting, retaining and developing those with disability in the workplace is proven. Many employers are missing out on this pool of talented individuals’ Richard Day.

The delegates included representatives from a large number of companies in the UK who have a passion for including individuals with disabilities in the work force. Focusing on workplace adjustments to optimise conditions which benefit both the employee and the employer.

This was brought home by an excellent presentation from Graeme Whippy MBE, who represented Channel 4. He outlined the benefits of achieving Disability Confident Leader status.

The emphasis being on different abilities, not disabilities. #abilityfirst.

The speakers also included the new Minister for Work and Pensions, Sarah Newton, who was interviewed by Kate Nash OBE.

Personal stories from Caroline Ashrafi at KPMG and Regan Burley from the National Grid were truly inspiring. Both giving positive feedback relating to working with Disability Confident Employers. Caroline discussed how KPMG have supported her with workplace adjustments. Regan was part of an apprenticeship scheme at National Grid which lead to a full-time job with them.

John Coxon from the Disability Confident Team for the government, promoted the Disability Confident Initiative.

MNC (Manchester Neurotherapy  Centre) are pleased to be part of this scheme as a Disability Confident Employer.

Becky Brooks, Member Engagement Manager for enei (Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion) introduced the day. Becky has played a big part in the network and is also developing other networks around the UK.

ManchesterAbility, here we come!