ReWalk Training Course

Following on from Robert’s trial of the ReWalk exoskeleton technology we had a training week at MNC with Stephen Ruffle, Sales Manager UK and Ireland and Marcel Mielke a physiotherapist who is Clinical Trainer of Europe.

At the end of a busy few days MNC has staff certified as trainers to use the ReWalk bionic exoskeleton so we can help other patients who want to be able to become ReWalkers.

The theory behind the system and the huge potential medical benefits were discussed and we received the necessary training to measure, fit and use the equipment safely. We had the opportunity to develop our confidence through the course to enable us to feel we can take over and develop the balance programme supporting its use with Robert.

Robert enjoyed his training days and is keen to ‘get on with’ the business of getting back on his feet after so many years and reaping some of the medical benefits.

Watch this space to see the Case Study we are planning on Robert’s success with this new adventure.

Images with permission of ReWalk (TM).