• Neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2) is a genetic disorder which controls the growth of nerve tissue.
  • People with NF2 may have problems with tumours in the brain or spinal cord which affects for example, hearing, balance and walking.
  • Many people with NF2 develop significant hearing loss and often benefit from learning to lip read or using a hearing aid.

Medical treatment involves regular monitoring and treating any problems that occur. Surgery can be used to remove most tumours, although there is a risk this will cause problems such as loss of hearing, balance problems and muscle weakness. Therefore, the risks and potential benefits will need to be carefully considered before treatment.

How can MNC help you?

The specialist physiotherapy that we offer at MNC can help people with NF2 cope with the physical difficulties that may develop.

  • We can help people to work on their balance and posture so that unnecessary compensatory movements are minimised. This is especially important before and after any surgery.
  • Treatment may consist of one-off sessions every few months to develop individualised home programmes or may consist of a block of treatment to improve balance, muscle strength and posture.

Neurological physiotherapy can help people with NF2 maintain their independence and have a better quality of life.

Since April 2010 NF2 care in England has been nationally commissioned. Professor Gareth Evans is the National Lead and is based at Manchester Royal Infirmary.

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