tim walton

Tim Walton brought a wealth of experience with him when he joined our team as clinical lead in July 2017. He has worked in the NHS managing and treating patients with neurological impairments for over 25 years.

For the last 16 he was the clinical lead in an Intermediate Neuro Rehabilitation Unit supporting and developing a highly specialised service for patients with complex neurological presentations. Throughout this time Tim’s main interests were involved in developing clinical expertise and education.

This led Tim to embark on the International Bobath Tutor Training programme in 2009 and after qualification in January 2015 he has taught introductory and Basic Bobath Courses extensively throughout the UK.

The clinical reasoning and educational skills that Tim has developed over these years are a valuable asset which he brings to MNC along with his enthusiasm and motivation. Tim’s passion lies in the challenge of movement analysis in complex patients and helping them achieve their potential for recovery.

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