CP been classified as one of the most common and visible motor disabilities of childhood.

CP is usually caused by a problem in a child’s developing brain in utero. Common problems are:

  • Developmental delays and difficulty achieving milestones such as crawling, walking etc
  • Abnormal muscle tone
  • Abnormal posture and movement
  • Changes in soft tissue leading to muscle and joint stiffness

How can MNC help you?

At MNC we assess and treat older children who are transitioning to adulthood as well as adults with CP.

During this transition and the ongoing aging process, there is a danger of developing postures and movement patterns, which may increase stiffness, muscle weakness, or spasticity and so impact on functional abilities.

This is also often exacerbated by limited therapy resources in adulthood.

At MNC we provide an individualised assessment and treatment approach to guide the individual how best to manage their posture and movement to remain as active as possible throughout life.

We provide programmes of treatment and detailed home programmes of exercises to be done independently or with help from carers/family members.

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