A Brain injury can occur as a result of many different factors. These can either be:

  • Acquired – Infection, Brain Tumour or Haemorrhage
  • Traumatic – Blow to the head, Road traffic accident or assault

The brain is an incredibly complex structure that is responsible for all our functions. If your brain is damaged, many of the following may be impaired:

  • Balance, movement and posture

  • Vision
  • Sensory awareness and perception
  • Speech
  • Memory

  • Concentration

How can MNC help you?

Following brain injury, the effects can be wide ranging and unique to each person and so treatment plans are always individualised and work towards personally identified goals.

The focus of rehabilitation is always to maximise potential and help someone regain as much independence as is possible.

This may mean working closely with family or care agencies to make sure that the client can be as independent as possible within a safe environment for their particular needs.

At MNC we are specialists in the treatment of the particular effects of brain injury such as balance and movement difficulties but when required we can also work closely with other health professionals such as speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and psychologists, both within the NHS and the private sector to make sure we provide an integrated approach to therapy.

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