MNC is recognised as a centre of excellence and often advises NHS and private sector therapists with one to one consultations with their patients.

The treating therapist may request this service for a variety of reasons to:

  • Help progress treatment when the patients therapist feels they have reached a therapy plateau with respect to their treatment skills
  • Help develop their handling and clinical reasoning skills
  • Advise a therapist who does not have specialist skills in neurological physiotherapy. This might be a musculoskeletal physiotherapist or a personal trainer
  • Give a second opinion in the case of conflicting reports regarding a patients potential. This may be in conjunction with a litigation case

The consultation may take place at MNC, in a hospital setting if the patient is still an in-patient, in another private clinic/hospital or even in the patient’s home.

Often the patients and therapists may travel from long distances, even abroad, and so the consultation may well not be just over one session but could be part of an intensive block of treatment.

The consultations may occur as a one off or at regular intervals to help develop and progress a treatment plan.

If the treating therapist is unable to accompany the patient then we can send a written report with videos, to help guide follow up treatment.

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