Neurological Physiotherapy at MNC FAQ’s

Neurological Physiotherapy at MNC FAQ’s2023-02-20T13:04:24+00:00
What type of equipment do you have?2023-02-20T13:05:26+00:00

We have several Bobath plinths, which are particularly wide, height adjustable and specifically designed for use with patients with neurological conditions. Many of these patients experience balance problems or difficulty moving in bed and gain extra confidence from the wide and low beds. We also have a body weight support treadmill training system for gait training. We also have an overhead tracking system and hoist enabling our more dependent patients to be safely transferred from floor to bed, wheelchair to bed etc and also support them safely in standing and walking practice.

Can I bring my physio/OT with me to the session?2023-02-01T17:49:59+00:00

Yes you can as we often have therapists attending with their patients. The skill and experience of the therapists at MNC means we are often asked to see patients in a consultative role. This allows the therapist to receive advice and to take video recordings if you agree.

Do I need to bring any papers with me?2023-02-01T17:49:12+00:00

We will send out questionnaires prior to your assessment which will give us information about your history medication etc. However, don’t worry if you have difficulty completing them as your therapist can help you with this when you arrive.

Do you provide a podiatry service for the provision of lower limb orthotics such as insoles?2023-02-01T17:48:41+00:00

Yes, we work closely with experienced podiatrists and orthotists collaborating in the provision of individually assessed and measured orthotics.

How much would it cost to make a home visit?2023-02-20T13:06:41+00:00

The cost of a home visit is higher than a clinic visit but would be dependent on the distance from the clinic and the time taken for therapists to get to you.

Where are you?2023-02-20T13:07:58+00:00

Manchester Neurotherapy Centre is in Pendlebury, Salford, 2 miles from Manchester city centre with easy access to the M60 motorway and we are close to the city centre for rail links etc. We have a main road position so are very easy to find especially with McDonald’s opposite! We have a location map on our contact page.

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