MNC understands that some patients find it difficult to come to the clinic, therefore we can provide physiotherapy assessment and treatment sessions in the home environment when required. This includes working in residential and care homes.

For those who can access the clinic it is sometimes beneficial to have a treatment session at home as MNC is committed to helping our patients achieve their goals which can include being able to live more independently at home, enable them to access the community and/or participate in a chosen hobby.

Sessions within your home environment help to set realistic goals and achievable home exercise programs that can be undertaken independently or with relatives. These programs can help maintain and enhance the improvements that have been made in the clinic setting.

For those patients who like to keep active and can access the gym, we are able to work with the personal trainers and the gym either by attending a session or liaising by phone, remotely or email to make sure that we are all working towards the same goals.

MNC does not have a hydrotherapy pool however we can arrange individual sessions in a rented pool.

MNC can offer virtual/remote consultations as an alternative to face to face, hands on treatment. These include video consultations using Skype, FaceTime and Zoom as well as telephone consultations.

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