As MNC physiotherapists our love for our jobs comes from our passion to help people reach their personal goals and beyond. The following was written by a patient’s wife on behalf of them both, reading this gives us all extreme pride that what we do can be a small part in helping a family ‘get their Dad/Granddad back’.



My husband, David Kenyon aged 55 suffered a massive stroke on the 9th April 2016. He is a non-smoker, doesn’t drink, average weight, took regular exercise, has never suffered from high blood pressure or increased cholesterol. He does not have a history of strokes within his family.

The stroke should not have happened according to consultants and doctors – but it did – and devastated our lives.

Everybody suffers through this, not just David. His children, his grandchildren, his friends and me – his wife. We have all lost the fabulous sense of humour and quick-witted one-liners that David would often come back at with you. I lost the sound of David singing every morning, which used to drive me mad but what I would give to have this back. We lost David rolling around with the kids taking them for walks with the dogs, turning up for a visit unannounced to his family, calling in on his Dad weekly to make sure he ok, feeling proud going to work every day to earn a crust, driving the car because I am too scared on the motorways.

I look at couples holding hands and taking walks together, getting in and out of their homes, their cars, visiting family and friends. I envy them and they don’t know how lucky they are.


Military Operation. 

A simple trip out for us is like a military operation now.

Can I get him in the car quick enough without getting wet if the weather is bad? Is the ground icy? Do I put his coat on to get to the car – take it off again in the car – on again getting out of the car?

Is there wheelchair access to places? Can he get inside his family members’ homes? Is he able to get to the bathroom if needed? The questions we have to ask ourselves before every day begins are endless.



We have had rehab from the NHS but it all seemed geared towards ticking a box to get David home. At any cost.

I knew David had potential – he is young – he is strong and he is determined.  I felt like he was been treated like a 95 year old man who had suffered a stroke and just needed to get by. Like he was put out to pasture. It felt so unfair.

We are not wealthy people but have worked hard all our lives and paid into the system – why wasn’t my husband being given a chance to get back to the best he could possibly be – not back to what he was – just to reach his potential.

I researched everything there was to research – even thought about taking him to America to have an injection into his brain. Desperation is a scary feeling.

The NHS community rehab physiotherapist was the first enthusiastic person I had come across in the NHS so I asked her advice on further therapy for David – his friends had offered to fund raise for any more treatments.

She spoke to me about the Bobath method, the importance of any therapy complimenting what was already being done, and she mentioned MNC.



From the minute I called MNC I knew these were the people I needed. They were friendly, emphatic, and human. They seemed to care and they hadn’t even met David yet. We had an appointment within a couple of days.

David stood up with help and Katie observed him, Lynne also got involved on the first session and the noises they were making immediately gave me hope. Most importantly – they gave David hope. I think he had resigned himself to the fact that there was no hope. He couldn’t walk or talk and it would always be that way.

MNC are enthusiastic and actually want clients to improve to have a better quality of life. Not just to tick a box or hit a target. They really, really care. MNC are different because I see all the staff have made their work a vocation, not just a job. David is excited to attend his appointments and is motivated. He is happy and determined.

MNC gave him hope and as well as his physical improvements – they have improved his mentality towards his own condition. MNC help in ways they aren’t even aware of.

If I had a million pounds – I would still stay with MNC – they have everything we need in order to get our lives back. They are giving the grandchildren their Grandad back, and much, much more.


If you can relate to Jo and David, maybe MNC can help you too? Contact us today and our physio’s will be more then happy to chat about your therapy needs.

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