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This two-day course is aimed at physiotherapists working with dizziness patients across within the neurological setting. Common pathologies, assessment and outcome measures will be presented with time allocated to practice the oculomotor assessment. Treatment and principles of progressions will be outlined and illustrated using several case studies. BPPV will be covered in detail on day two with theory sessions, observation of eye movement videos and practice of assessment and treatment manoeuvres. Pre-reading will be provided and there will be ample time for questions on both days.

Duration: All Day Saturday, Half Day Sunday
Course Tutor: Amanda Male

Learning Aims:

  • Develop knowledge of the vestibular system
  • Develop a working knowledge of the common pathologies
  • Acquire skills to conduct an evidence-based assessment of a dizzy patient and differentiate central versus peripheral presentations
  • Gain an understanding of the treatment approaches and be able to develop an appropriate treatment plan for common pathologies
  • Identify different sub-types of BPPV and recognise when further investigation is required
  • Be able to safely undertake positional testing and treatment manoeuvres for the common variants of BPPV (posterior and horizontal canal)
Cost: £240.
How to Apply: Please either email your interest to or telephone 0161 7930003
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